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Squiz reusable pouches are a simple and healthy alternative to disposable food pouches. With all the convenience of disposables, Squiz pouches are more ecological, economical, and more fun! Designed for all ages (babies, children, teens, adults), fill them with homemade goodness and enjoy them anytime, anywhere. Reusable an average of 50 times, Squiz allows families to combine healthy eating while reducing waste.

The perfect partners

for on-the-go families!

Snacks • Baby Food • Yogurts • Smoothies

  • Clever: Eat anywhere with no mess - no need for spoons or accessories.
  • Ecological: Reusable approximately 50 times, produced and packed in Europe.
  • High Quality: Made in Switzerland with European materials.
  • Worry Free: Leak-proof zipper withstands over 50kg of pressure.
  • Practical: Unbreakable, lightweight and freezer-safe.


With two different sizes (90ml and 130ml) and a wide range of designs, Squiz is perfect for all the family!


Our smaller pouches are ideal for beginning the weaning journey! Adapted for small hands, Squiz allows you to easily offer your baby different flavours and textures.


Our larger 130ml size is ideal for on-the-go snacks – no more crushed biscuits and sweets at the bottom of the school bag!


For sport, at the office, or when traveling - Squiz means healthy snacks for grown-ups too!


Our pouches were designed with adventure in mind! Our patented double-zip withstands over 50kg of pressure, so you can use them anywhere without fear of messy leaks.

  • In the pushchair
  • In the car
  • At the park
  • At sport
  • At the childminder

How to use Squiz

Squiz pouches are easy to fill, store (in the fridge or freezer), carry, and clean…a simple all-in-one solution! Plus, the extra-stong zip withstands up to 50kg of pressure - no leaks here!

1 - Open

2 - Fill

3 - Close

4 - Clean

Why choose Squiz?


Squiz pouches were designed to be easy to fill AND easy to clean. With no corners to 'trap' food, you can be sure your pouches are completely clean. The double zip sealing system at the base of the pouch closes with a simple press and stays perfectly closed – no fear of finding a messy surprise in your bag! Made of a durable 3-layer plastic, Squiz is tough enough for daily use with no risk of tears.


A single pouch can be used to store, reheat, transport, and eat – Squiz is a real time-saver for parents! Squiz has been designed to make life easier: space to write names and dates, a transparent window to see what's inside.


You don't need to be a chef to use Squiz! Parents in a hurry can also fill pouches from family-size packages of yogurt, smoothies, or fruit purées. Whether you're looking to save money, save the planet, eat better (or all of the above!) there's always a good reason to use Squiz!


Squiz can be filled with any sweet or savoury recipe - the only limit is your imagination!

  • vegetable purees
  • smoothies
  • yogurt
  • fruit purees
  • porridge
  • soup...

Squiz: better for nature

(and your wallet)




Squiz minimizes its environmental impact as much as possible. Manufactured and packaged closer to where it will be sold, it avoids wasteful transport.


The pouches are packaged in a packet which is itself reusable and manufactured entirely in France with recyclable polypropylene plastic film, a green alternative to PVC.


The pouches are packed in France in an Establishment and Service Support through Work (ESAT), which works towards the professional integration of disabled people or people in difficulty.


Our products

Discover the Squiz range

Sophie La Girafe Collection

A collection of three pastel coloured pouches with a capacity adapted to babies (90ml) for sweet or savoury baby meals from the beginning of weaning.

Sophie la girafe • Flower
Sophie la girafe • ABC
Sophie la girafe • Eiffel Tower

Carnival Collection

These friendly and fun animals are generously sized (130ml), which makes them the perfect snack-time companions for schoolchildren. In packs of 1, 3, 5 or 7 - collect them all!

Lion Knight
Lion Knight
Tahitian Penguin
Tahitian Penguin
Bollywood Elephant
Bollywood Elephant
Mariachi Snake
Mariachi Snake
Karate Tiger
Karate Tiger
Balinese Monkey
Balinese Monkey
Pirate Bear
Pirate Bear
Pretty Kitty Cat
Pretty Kitty Cat

Nature collection

130ml of happiness for little ones!


Limited Editions

Introducing our limited editions! Our current designs: Squiz pouches that appeal to teens and adults with our collections "Foodie" and "City".

Foodie Kraft
Foodie Kraft
Foodie Tatin
Foodie Tatin
Foodie Couleur
Foodie Couleur
City London
City London
City New York
City New York

Squiz Essentials

Designed specially for little ones, the Squiz'top adapter allows babies to use Squiz pouches with less mess. The ergonomic design makes it easy for babies to keep the pouch in their mouths - this aids in the transition from bottles to solid foods and helps build independence. Made of soft, medical-grade silicone, it protects tender gums from irritation and helps soothe teething pain.

Squiz'top • Medical grade silicone

Thousands Of Parents

already won over

" Perfect pouches for my one-year-old baby. He refused to eat yogurt but in the pouches he eats it with no problem! Instead of buying him fruit pouches in the shop, we make them ourselves, it is cheaper and all-natural! Thank you to the Squiz team, you do a good job! " — Laraki

" Ecological, fun, pratical! A great product for a great idea. In addition to the attractive design, the pouches are durable and easy to use thanks to the opening at the bottom that lets you fill it easily. " — Magali

" This is THE greatest product! I had dreamed of something like this… I'm a fan of 100% homemade food. PS: I'm a child-minder for 4 little ones and mother of 2 'fruit mad' children, which means that they eat fruit puree by the 1 kilo jar!! "  — Marie

" They are fab for yogurts as well as purees. I have older kids, and I use them regularly for picnics and family outings, to always have healthy snacks for my children on hand. " — Magyari

"I was sceptical about the zip on the bottom staying closed, even under pressure. I must say I was pleasantly surprised by how well it stays closed. The pouch has fun designs. It does the job perfectly. It's easy to fill with a spoon through the bottom. The children had no problems getting every last bit out." — Air

"After choosing washable nappies, we were looking for a 'less waste' alternative to store-bought purees in pouches! The idea of a reusable pouch is excellent, love the designs, perfect size, not difficult to fill and quite easy to clean. My children use them every day for fruit puree. I only have one more thing to say - BUY SQUIZ - NATURE AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL THANK YOU!" — Kohser

"These new pouches are very practical! Ideal for children (and adults too!). When you're out and about, after school, before sports…I have only one thing to say: get some!" — Magicflower

"Super product, practical, easy to carry, durable, reusable, plus great designs! Perfect for snacks or when you're out with the children. Easy to fill and clean. I'm delighted and my children are too." — Vanou

"My little one refused to eat fresh fruit, but thanks to these pouches smoothies are 'in disguise' and he loves using them." — Albert

"Practical, cute, the best!!! We've had ours for awhile now and I've never regretted buying them… they're so fun, super simple to fill. I often freeze mine, and never had a problem!!! A great investment, I highly recommend them!!" — Charline

"Only fruit is allowed for snacks at my children's school, so these pouches allow me to add some variety without going bankrupt. My children prefer homemade fruit puree, and they love the fun designs. You can also write names on the pouches, so no fights over whose is whose, and they don't get lost at school. They stay perfectly sealed, no leaks in the schoolbag, and wash very well. For mothers who are concerned about the health of their children and creating less waste, the planet will thank you…" — Amazon customer 'conseilleredechoc'

"I recommend these to all mothers who love making homemade purees… Easy to clean, zip stays closed, no leaks… I'm even going to re-order a bunch of them. Thank you, this a great product." — Michèle

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